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Wed, Nov 04


Streaming Live from The Westcott Theater

Canceled "The Return to Rabble" Live Stream Canceled

Hey Folks,  Due to some technical issues with the recording process we unfortunately have to cancel the "Return to Rabble" Live Stream tomorrow night.

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Canceled "The Return to Rabble" Live Stream Canceled
Canceled "The Return to Rabble" Live Stream Canceled

Time & Location

Nov 04, 2020, 8:00 PM

Streaming Live from The Westcott Theater

About the event

Hey Folks,   Due to some technical issues with the recording process we unfortunately have to cancel the "Return to Rabble" Live Stream tomorrow night. We are very disappointed in having to pull the plug on this event, we had alot of fun bringing these songs back to life and plan to bring yall this show at some point in the future. All ticket purchases will be refunded ASAP. 


The Blind Owl Band

The Blind Owl Band presents: 

"The Return to Rabble" 


Live Stream at The Westcott Theater 

Wednesday November 4th, 2020 

$12.00 - 8pm 

The Blind Owl Band play their debut album "Rabble Rousing" from start to finish 10 years after the songs began to be written.

The original album recording was 70 minutes long but will now stretch over two hours in length. Some of the songs we have not played in 5 or 6 years. Some have been consistent backbones of our sets & have never stopped evolving with us. We are very excited to revive some of these tunes and to show the evolution of others that occurred over playing them countless times live. 

We are excited to present "The Return to Rabble" Wednesday Nov. 4th, 2020 Live Streamed from the Westcott Theater in Syracuse, NY. 

A brief history of the "Rabble Rousing" era:

In September 2010 Arthur Buezo and James Ford moved North to Saranac Lake, NY to attend Paul Smith's College. Within days they met Eric Munley at Backwoods Pondfest and Christian Cardiello on campus at PSC. Over the next 8 weeks, the groundwork of what would become The Blind Owl Band (BOB) was laid out by 4 completely armature musicians. The original BOB repertoire began to emerge. Songs such as Revolving Door, Sparrow, Whiporwill and Needle & Thread, were written in September and October of 2010, now 10 years ago.

Between November 2010 and February 2011, the boys traveled, attended college, and spent all their free time playing music with friends at parties. Slowly developing several songs that would end up on Rabble Rousing. As their interest evolved, the boys chose to focus their energy. They spent more time together in Eric's apartment, seriously working on their songs. More early BOB tunes such as Devils My Witness, Miss Ole Mary, and I'll Be There are written at this time.

On a cold Wednesday night in March 2011, the group performed their very first show together as an un-named band at the downstairs bar of the Waterhole in Saranac Lake, NY. With a plan to play a weekly residency every Wednesday until summer, the group needed a name. Shortly after at an open mic night at PSC, a Saw Whet Owl crashed into a window behind the band while they performed.

The owl incident stood out however Saw Whet Band didn't have the right kick to it. Eric looked up common names for the owl, and immediately Blind Owl jumped off the page. A week-long argument ensued over name variations. Blind Owl Boys or Blind Owl Baby were both contenders. Finally, the group settled on The Blind Owl Band.

After the summer break, the band got back together in September 2010 and the last round of songs for Rabble Rousing were created at this time. Missoula Montana, Strangers, Broken Bells, Fiddle Don't. The band continued their residency at The Waterhole, playing every Wednesday night.

Soon the group met Producer Larry Dolan and the plan to record a demo was born. A few songs into recording, Larry asked the band if they had enough songs for an album; "Because if you do, we are recording an album right now.” The band recorded 15 songs over 3 days. Fourteen of those songs would become Rabble Rousing.

When asked about the naming, Eric Munley stated, “I don't remember exactly when the nickname Rabble Rousers came up; but we slowly developed our late night alter-egos, The Rabble Rousers. I think at one point we certainly questioned if this should be our band name. It definitely came up in album title conversations.”

When you look up the definition of these words you find this:

Rabble: "the lowest class of people"  Rousing: "exciting; stirring"

Once these two definitions came together, the album name was such a perfect match we had to use it. “We still felt like total amateurs in every way. Music theory felt like a huge mystery, touring felt like a huge mystery, sound production seemed to be totally over our heads, but fuck; we were entertaining, exciting, and a wall of energy,” Munley recalls.

The Blind Owl Band released Rabble Rousing in January 2012 at The Waterhole Music Lounge in Saranac Lake, NY. The release captured the original energy of the band, both on and off the stage. Soon after the album release Arthur and James both dropped out of college, and the band chose to dedicate themselves full time to developing their chops, writing music and touring.

Rabble Rousing is the start of The Blind Owl Band's journey, a trip that lead them to perform over 800 shows in 18 different states, 3 albums, and nearing a decade of touring.

The songs of Rabble Rousing may out date the band. Some were left behind along the way, others have developed from 1 chord to space funk odysseys, while others have remained the same.

“Since the recording of Rabble Rousing was so early in our career, we have always discussed recording it again or playing it live as a whole. We decided to do one more live stream this year, before we go on winter break The idea of performing Rabble Rousing in its entirety, 10 years after we began writing those songs was an easy decision,” Munley said.

The upcoming live-stream will feature Rabble Rousing from start to finish. The original album was 70 mins long and will now stretch over two hours in length. Some of the songs have not been played in 5 -6 years, while others have been a consistent backbone of BOB sets, continually evolving with the band. The band is very humbled and excited to revive some of these old tunes as they showcase the evolution of their legendary sound.

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